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Misa Esperitutal

A Misa is a collaboration of Spiritual Guides, mediums, & participants

  • Starting at $5+
  • West Washington Boulevard

Service Description

What is a Misa Espiritual (Spiritual Mass)? Misa Espirituales or seances is a form of communication with your Ancestors, Guardian Angels, Ascended Masters and Spirit Guides. A Misa Espiritual is not only a means of communicating with the spirit realm, but also a tool for the development of your spiritual framework. Your spiritual framework consists of the spirit guides (ancestral and astral) that were born with you, that walk with you and with whom you made a pact with to help you live out your life’s purpose before you chose your mission to Earth. By consciously developing your spiritual framework, you’re able to pierce through the fog of misinformation, doubt and be directed toward your destiny. Misa Espirituales are conducted by experienced and gifted psychic/mediums/Espiritistas who serve as conduits of communication between the spirit realm and mundane world we exist in. This gathering will consist of cleansings, purification and protective rituals before, during and after the spirit session. The Misa is held within a protected circle with the focus on a white table (Mesa Blanca) which serves as a focal point and portal for the spirits to gather and communicate through. The present mediums serve as vessels for communication of messages, advice, expressions and more.

Upcoming Sessions

Contact Details

  • 4114 W Washington Blvd, Chicago, IL, USA


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